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    James Rosenberg

    James Rosenberg is a 3rd generation trial attorney with plenty of stories to tell.

    Inspired not only by the courtroom stories his father and grandfather used to tell

    him when he was a child, but also by the wild adventures he’s encountered through

    his own experience as a lawyer. James is fascinated by the intricate, interpersonal

    dynamics of every trial he’s endured. Whether it’s the raw emotion on display in

    court, the tension in the air that builds until someone wins, or the impact that a

    case’s decision has on the parties involved, James is always paying attention and

    keeping tabs on what’s happening.

    In his debut novel, Legal Reserves, James flexes his creative muscle outside of the

    courtroom to share his stories, with a fictional twist, through the eyes of archetypes

    he knows well. He continues weaving stories of the tribulations of

    litigation with larger issues of friendship and ambition in his latest

    novels, The Jersey and Unclean Hands.

    A native of Pittsburgh and a graduate of Taylor Allderdice High School and the

    University of Pittsburgh School of Law, James has been a trial attorney in Pittsburgh

    for almost 30 years. He started writing legal thrillers as a stress reducer and finds

    this creative outlet to be a fun and meaningful diversion from his day job.

    When he’s not trying cases, he’s either dreaming up his next book idea, spending

    time with his wife and three kids, or both.

    To contact James email or follow him on Facebook at

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    Legal Reserves

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    Unclean Hands

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